• Dog Training

    We combine and use the best training practices and methods used today to achieve lasting results for you and your dog by making dog training a fun and enjoyable experience. We will work hard to provide you with the necessary skills to help you better understand your dog’s motivation by positively sending the right messages to prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring, and reinforcing the good.

  • Dog Walking

    Our dog walking service is unique to others because we implement safety techniques and protocols. Our walkers are trained in defensive handling techniques, dog communication and body language cues in the event of an encounter with another dog on the walk. Your dog’s care, safety and security is always our number one priority so that they may enjoy their walk calmly and out of harm’s way.

  • Safe at Home

    We work in the comfort of your own home, offering a safe and familiar environment for your dog. We provide both physical and mental stimulation for your dog in order to achieve our goals. By striving to educate owners on how to better communicate with their dogs, our goal is ultimately to build stronger relationships between owners and their dogs and to achieve long lasting results for life.