In-Home Private Training Lessons

In-Home Private lessons are individualized lessons that teach you how to effectively train and communicate with your dog. Unwanted behavioral concerns are addressed where they are happening which helps the training’s effectiveness. The trainer coaches the owner, and training is done in the home by the owner. These lessons take into account the owner’s routines as well as the dog’s surroundings and environment. Lessons are scheduled at times that are convenient to the owner and tailored to the owner’s needs. Lessons are customized to each individual dog and you are given exercises to work on with your dog between each session. Owner and family compliance is a must, especially working with behavioral issues! Consistency when working with behavioral issues is important from everyone that interacts with the dog on a daily basis. No two dogs are the same, therefore, some goals may require more time. The trainers will start with a consultation in your home to provide the best possible training plan to meet your goals.


$30: Applied towards a training package purchase

In-Home Private Training Lessons for Obedience

$100 per one-hour lesson or Buy 5 for $425

In-Home Private Behavior Issue Lessons

$125 per one-hour lesson or Buy 5 for $500

**Basic obedience can take up to six weeks to complete and then continues into intermediate obedience then advanced obedience training.

Basic obedience/Home manners: Sit-stay, down-stay, heel, recall (come when called), loose leash walking, place (boundary stay) and door manners.

Intermediate Obedience: Implementing distance and distraction to intro of off-leash basic  obedience including heeling with changes of pace and direction, intro to off-leash heeling, auto halts, distance sits, distance downs, timed stays, blind recalls, come to front and finish to heel. Beginning of  sharpening the dog’s listening skills, reactivity control and patience.

(prerequisite: completion of basic obedience/home manners and trainer’s approval)

Advanced Obedience: Improving and refining with precision intermediate obedience exercises off-leash and out of site with high distraction. Improving your dog’s social skills, refining the dog’s listening skills, reactivity control and patience, refining obedience in practical situations and close range with other dogs and people.

(prerequisite: completion of intermediate obedience and trainer’s approval)

Common Behavioral Issues Addressed: Jumping, excessive barking, leash pulling, begging, biting, potty training, crate training, resource guarding, aggression, chewing, digging and separation/isolation anxiety.




Trick Lessons

Do you want to have some fun teaching your dog new tricks? Do you want to impress your friends with the cool tricks your dog can do? Teaching your dog tricks is a great way for your dog to be mentally stimulated and and get exercise at the same time. Depending on the complexity of the trick, some tricks take more time to teach and learn. This lesson teaches tricks like touch, paw bump, wave, spin and turn, roll over, weave, figure 8 and more! (Prerequisite: basic obedience)

Trick lessons

$35 per one-hour lesson


Dog Walking

Our experienced team of dog walkers will always go out of their way to make sure your dog(s) are happy, comfortable and safe during each visit in the comfort of their own home and surroundings. We offer an exceptional individualized dog walking service and use safe dog handling practices and techniques. We never pack walk dogs! Servicing one customer at a time allows us to give your dog our undivided attention during each visit. We are confident we can accommodate you and your dog’s needs through our simple dog walking service selections.

20 minute visit

$15 (+ $3 per additional dog), includes bonding, a short walk and a quick potty break

30 minute visit

$22 (+ $5 per additional dog), includes a longer visit and walk in the neighborhood to your dog’s favorite spots, allowing for a longer bonding session and just enough physical and mental stimulation.

60 minute visit

$32 (+ $8 per additional dog), recommended for those energetic dogs that need extra physical and mental stimulation to feel relaxed and satisfied.