In-Home Training Programs

Private Lessons Program

This basic training program is designed for families looking for help with common behavior issues around your home and on walks. You take on a more hands on approach to training. By spending time together we develop your leash handling and training skills. We coach and guide you to your training goals and solve issues you are experiencing along your journey. 

During the lesson we demonstrate the process of the exercise first, and then we give you performance tips and techniques as we watch you practice the exercise with your dog. This helps you build a stronger bond with your dog through clear communication, as you teach your dog reliable obedience skills, manners and addressing common behavior issues. 

We’re building a basic foundation but making a big impact! 


Day Training Program

The Day Training Program is convenient for families that are just too busy and don’t know where to begin. We make it easy for you by doing the ground work and teaching you the maintenance skills needed for the long haul.

Monday – Thursday we will stop by your home to work with your dog one-on-one. Each day you will receive a report of your dog’s lesson and progress. 

On Fridays we wrap up each week with a 90 minute transition lesson with you to show you what your dog has learned and transfer the training, including teaching you how to ask for and reinforce new behaviors, and what to do if your dog doesn’t give you a requested behavior or an unwanted one that pops back up.


Free consultations/evaluations take place at your home and take about 60 minutes to complete.

Private Lessons Program

$130 per 90 minute lesson or Buy 5 for $625

Day Training Program – 3 Weeks

$1400 all necessary training equipment will be provided except for crates and additional treats.






Trick Lessons

Do you want to have some fun teaching your dog new tricks? Do you want to impress your friends with the cool tricks your dog can do? Teaching your dog tricks is a great way for your dog to be mentally stimulated and and get exercise at the same time. Depending on the complexity of the trick, some tricks take more time to teach and learn. This lesson teaches tricks like touch, paw bump, wave, spin and turn, roll over, weave, figure 8 and more! (Prerequisite: basic obedience)

Trick lessons

$35 per one-hour lesson


Walk and Train

It’s more than just a potty break!

Are you looking for an outlet not only to expend your dog’s energy but for them to gain some reliable walking skills? Well, this is for you! With our Walk and Train program your dog will receive physical stimulation, mental stimulation and clear communication. 

Your dog will learn key walking fundamentals and what it means to go on a structured walk. A 30-45 minute walk session, the program will cover on leash basic obedience commands “Sit/stay, Down/stay, Loose-Leash Walking, Intro to Come” incorporated within the walk. 

Walks are always fun and engaging, ensuring your dog has an exceptional learning experience.

Solo Walk and Train 

$45 per walk session

15 Day Walk and Train Package

$525 walk sessions are performed M-F for 3 consecutive weeks.

5 Day Walk and Train Package

$200 walk sessions are performed M-F for 1 week.